Hello world!

Hello world seems like a fine way to start. The key word there being START! After many months of promises and encouragement from all factions, I’m finally getting started on my web postings. I can’t stand the word “blog”, so I’ll just keep using other phrases until something sticks. Conceptually, EatLikeAChef will end up being all about food and food-related stuff, but for now, I’ll mix in plenty of personal info and Portland impressions since my friends are the only ones who will find me here. I’ll start by posting several “updates” about life in Portland post-move and my current, ahem, career situations. Then I’ll think of something interesting to write that has something to do with food, and go from there. Whoohoo! Hang on, this should be fun!



  1. CK said


  2. Bob Knaus said

    Very interesting. The picture of Chris in front of the house is good. You need to divide up the work – one photojournalist and one writer – to keep us all up to date.

  3. jenny rand silverman said

    hey there!! proud to be on your mailing list! i am excited about the food news and food art stuff, i love, that you love food so much and will share the enthusiam.. my tastebuds await!

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