Greetings from the City of Roses – first post from Portland after the move

At 4am Friday morning 3/31, Angie, Lauri and myself left for the airport with the 3 cats in duffle bags. Got checked in and were standing in the security line with plenty of time to spare for our 6am flight when all the security computers went down and they had to hand check all luggage and persons going through security. 3 hours later, and after they’d felt up all the cats for weapons and we’d smelled enough feet to last us a lifetime, we got through and bundled onto a flight to Houston. Once we got there, we were told that there weren’t any flights with space on them either to Portland or back to Nashville for at least the next two days. Nice. We ended up flying to Seattle and driving down to Portland. Of course, we had to go pick up our luggage at the Portland airport when we got to town, around 9pm, since it had made the 6am flight. Through it all, Lauri and Angie were funny, patient and fun to be with, and the cats were real troopers. The next couple of days passed in a sleep-deprived blur, but both ladies made it back home eventually <g>. I can’t thank them enough for helping me out with this.

Bedhead and Kitty were really sick the day of travel and the next ten days. They are finally both mostly recovered. Bedhead is having the hardest time with the changes, but he seems to get a little more comfortable every day. It really helped when Chris showed up four days later after driving across the country. Makes me think Bedhead thought I was taking him away from his Dad. All our stuff arrived the day after that, and everything is in great shape. We are still living among boxes, but have more than just a semblance of our house setup.
The rental house is huge – 4 bedrooms, one bath. Built in the ’20s, it has a Victorian feel to it. The one bathroom is kinda small, and the kitchen has your typical rental electric stove/oven. But it’s got plenty of counter space and cupboards, and even has a pantry. Little backyard with a tree and a wooden fence, big basement to store all the stuff that we aren’t even going to unpack here. Lots of windows, so lots of light. chrishappyhome21.jpgYes, it rains here often, pretty much a little bit every day. But it seems to blow over really quickly, so it comes off as more of a punctuation in the day, not anything that sets the tone.
We are walking everywhere, it’s so cool. Every yard of every house is interesting to look at. There are tons of interesting plants and every house is unique. There are a lot of people also out on the sidewalks, and the people are all unique and interesting to look at. There are a lot of different folks out here, a real melting pot of sorts. And the food!!! The food here is soooo good! I’m very happy on that front. This is halibut are in season, so I’ve been eating fish every other meal. mmmm. Unless you count Louisiana and its crab/crawfish, I’ve never lived anywhere with really fresh fish. What a treat.

Thanks for the birthday wishes and calls and cards. Portland is definitely a good present to myself.
I “tried out” a job at Elephant’s yesterday and today (fri and sat). Retail-ish, serving food from the deli and being the assistant cheese monger. And I thought I’d known a lot about cheese. Wow, it’s an amazing spread of stuff there. Don’t think I can physically take standing for the 9 hours a day this is going to require, tho. I’m only doing these 2 days as a test, figuring that I’ve been having trouble with my food/tendonitis, and that this would probably kick it in, but thought I’d try anyway. I do like cheese <g>. I think I’m going to end up at a desk job somewhere at least for the first job/year here, no point in going through pain for $10/hour. Elephant’s is funny, they think they are “slammed” at lunch, and it doesn’t even come close to the frantic pace at Grins. Amateurs! I’ll decide about the job based on how I feel on Sunday, but considering how I feel this morning, I doubt this is going to work out. I have been offered another job at a Yahoo call center, but that has a lot of negatives associated with it, unfortunately, so I’ll be looking into some office management kind of positions next, I think.

Chris has had a bunch of call back interviews, and is doing some various not-fulltime contract things now, so things are hopefully looking bright on his end as well. Will keep you posted.

I’m getting my first official visitors to Casa Knaus, Portland Branch next weekend (Angie and Lauri don’t count, they’re family). Deanna, my roommate from when I lived here over 10 years ago and her friend that I went traveling to Vancouver Island and whale watching with are taking the train down from Bellingham, Wa. (“taking the train”, isn’t that cool!) You may have met Deanna and her husband at my wedding (she had on the striped socks). We’ve also already had invitations to visit friends in Seattle, so altho it will be cost prohibitive to fly East too often from here, it does seem like we’ll be busy checking out the NorthWest for quite some time before we get bored.


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