The Cheese Stands Alone – a few months later

So it’s been just over a month here, and I still really like Portland. This morning is the first day that it hasn’t been quite beautiful and sunny when I woke up. Definitely cloudy and gray today, but not raining at the moment. Probably going to wait until I head out for the bus. I officially took the Assistant Cheese Monger Jobcheesecounter.jpg..something about the evil you know being better than the evil of a call center. I found some amazing shoes that have a spring for a heel that make the problems I was having with tendonitis in my heel much less of an issue. I’m just waiting for the moment when I can spring up over tall buildings to safety and leave those around me wondering what the hell happened…

I’m enjoying the fact that I can take the bus to work and back each day, especially with gas prices so high. The people watching is fun, the walks to the bus station always invigorating, the only down side is all the extra time it takes vs. just heading out last minute to get to work. At the end of every day, Elephant’s staffs out any leftover bread, and I haven’t gotten over that novelty, so I’m always coming home from work with a bag stuffed full of sourdough and foccacia. I’m using it as a ploy to meet our neighbors and try to sweeten them up for a potential cat sitting scenerio next month (Twangfest). EVERYONE around here seems to have cats,Jungle Kitty healthy & happy cats thank goodness. This is a very pet-friendly city. There are easily 4 pet stores (one is naturopathic) within a few blocks of our house, plus two self-serve pet bathhouses. Won’t be taking the cats there anytime soon, but it’s nice to be surrounded by pet love.

I’m learning a lot about cheese, altho the deli chick quit the first week I started, so I’ve been spending most of my time dishing up salads from the cold case. Talk about a Grins flashback. I laugh all the time when the staff at Elephant’s talks about being “busy”…they have no idea. Seriously, they have no idea. This is a walk in the park compared to a lunch rush at Grins. I hope that they’ll hire a new deli girl soon, tho, my brain is going numb quickly with any lack of stimulation. The food is the same every day, so I don’t get any pleasure there. I want to be off tasting cheeses with customers and discussing the “grassiness vs. the mushroom and the blooming rind vs. the washed”. CheeseCloseupI have my eyes open for other opportunities, both at this business at at other companies. The world is my oyster and Portland is the pearl. Or something like that.

I’m sort of in Bizarro world when it comes to my schedule – after so many years of early risings at Grins, I now go into work at noon Sunday through Thurs and work until around 9pm. Perfect for a social life, if I could just get used to the physicality of my job and not be so sore at the end of the day. Each week it gets better. It’s kind of funny to be staying up later than Chris for a change. I’m actually going to concerts, even on a “school night”, and not feeling the worse for it the next day.

Ok, as you can tell from the opening paragraphs, I started this email about a month ago. It’s been two months now in the Rose City, and it’s been raining a bit more. I’m really enjoying the weather, tho…we are about to go into JUNE and it still is dropping to the low 50s at night. If it takes some rain to make it so, bring it on. I’m still cheesing it – Elephant’s has embraced me and all my “fresh” ideas, and we’ve been doing a lot of cheese promotion and rearranging of the cheese way of doing things. Still don’t think I”ll last too long here, but while I’m here I might as well have fun.


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  1. laurit said

    i’m dying to know more about these shoes with ‘springs.’ since my new career finds me on my feet a lot, i could use some help. details please!

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