And to catch us all up…

Well, I said in my last “letter” that I didn’t think I could take the mind-numbingness of an entry-level service industry job for long, and I lasted about 3 months. I learned a lot about cheese and had great access to fresh bread, fancy candies and fantastic salamis. Didn’t help my diet much, but expect to hear a lot about cheese from me in the near future. Chris got a great job working for a company (Aeshen – that consults for Microsoft, Intel, and others (including, abstractly, the Afghan Army). He works from home, which makes the kitties very happy. The combo of having a good job but still being able to enjoy the comforts of home suits Chris well. He’ll have to do some traveling, mainly to job sites in the NW, so there will be some change of scenery. I’m able now to take my time to find a good job, rather than just the first thing that comes along. After getting offered the first three jobs I applied for when I first got here, I think I had an unrealistic expectation of how easy it would be now that I’ve reentered the market. Still waiting for that most important call back for something that I actually want to do. Cross your fingers for luck, please.

We’ve had a lot of fun living here – so many interesting things to do. We’ve been to several street/art festivalsAlberta Street Fair where the streets have been closed down for the weekend. We probably try a new brew pub or restaurant on a weekly basis. There was a great zydeco festival (really a blues fest but we stayed all day at the zydeco stage) on 7/1, and this weekend finds a brewmaster’s festival down by the riverfront. You know we are in the right part of the country when there are almost 100 local-ish brewers all with something different on tap. I volunteered to work a tap on Friday, and got stuck serving Dick’s Best Bitter from Centralia, WA. Tasty enough, but I heard my share of “hilarious” comments about the name.

From this point on, I’ll try to make my posts more food topical, although I still have plenty to say about Portland. Hopefully I’ll keep it interesting. Creating a web page/log centering around myself seems awfully self-indulgent, but I’ve been assured that I have “valuable” opinions, especially with regards to food related info (heh). I miss you guys!


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