My First Earthquake

I was thrilled to find out that I had experienced my very first earthquake a few weeks ago. It might sound crazy to think that made me happy, but this was my first first-hand experience with this particular natural event. I was awake quite late that evening after a good dinner followed by the ill-advised consumption of several cups of coffee as dessert. I was also enthralled with Project Runway – I had 3 episodes on Tivo and I just couldn’t stop watching and go to bed. So it happened that I was on the couch with GabbyGabby when the house shook mildly at almost 2am. The shaking wasn’t long or terrible, but it was an obvious movement of the entire house. Gabby didn’t seem concerned, although we did look at each other like “whaaa?”. She just put her head down and went back to lounging.I immediately looked out the window thinking that there might have been an automobile accident nearby, or perhaps a car had run into our front porch. I turned the TV to a local channel in case they jumped to local news reports, but apparently Portland News Teams aren’t as earthquake crazy here as Tennessee’s were tornado crazy (a.k.a. “tornadic activity”).

When I saw the paper a couple days later, I was thrilled. It really was an earthquake and I really had felt it. Why did this make me so happy? For one, it drove home that I really do live on the West Coast now. Secondly, I can now add that to my (short) list of Earthly wonders I have experienced firsthand. I was literally in the path of one of the tornados that hit Nashville in 1998, not an experience I want to relive. If I’m lucky, this 3.8 earthquake will be the one true earthquake that I’ll ever have to deal with as well. Very lucky. But the power of Mother Nature is a truely awesome thing, and my first earthquake was an adrenaline-inducing event. For me anyway. Chris and the other cats slept right through it.



  1. lauri said

    first… congrats on the earthquake. i was hoping (in the same strange way) to experiene one when i was in california.

    next… i also am a fan of project runway. but i think this season is lacking so far. i liked the first two much more.

    and finally… i have 4 kittens (and a mama that is pregnant AGAIN) in my back yard and one looks enough like gabby to earn the name gabbers. the other i have named be-bop, tom-tom, and snare drum. i need to get them out of here (apparently, the landlord has spotted them living in the basement).

  2. lauri said

    i just re-read that… the landlord doesn’t care that they’re in the basement…. i just need to get rid of them because i don’t need 5 more cats to take care of. shelters are full-up… ugh. mama is sweet and beautiful and be-bop (a little girl) can be handled and even purrs. the others are nuts. i’m giving you the details in case anyone is reading this and wants a kitty.

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