In case you’ve missed it elsewhere, Horizon Dairy isn’t really organic. *sigh*

There is a good post about it here by Accidental Hedonist. It is just SO complicated to make what you hope are educated choices when you are shopping. Taking that first step of prioritizing what you will spend the extra money on is easy compared to all the food marketing scams like this one and bills in Congress and “scientific breakthroughs” with which you should keep up. I don’t even have the energy to rant about it right now. But suffice to say, don’t spend those extra dollars on Horizon any more and pass the word.



  1. marcia said

    No wonder Horizon milk doesn’t taste good! That was the only “organic” brand in the regular grocery store in Tuscaloosa, so I bought it often and never thought it was very tasty. My favorite is Organic Valley, but I can never seem to get it any more. I hope their milk really is organic. Eating really shouldn’t be this difficult.

  2. Heather said

    Isn’t that sad! I read about that a while ago. Fortunately, we have Strauss Creamery here and their coffee ice cream is the best thing I’ve EVER eaten! It’s insane!
    We’re being fooled all over.

  3. Jamie said

    Organic Valley is really organic, I think. Is that the one that’s a collective in the upper midwest? It’s delicious, whatever it is.

    I never buy Horizon anymore, although I have a soft spot for their eggnog during the holidays. No one else’s comes close. *sigh*

  4. Ohiorganic said

    Organic Valley is indeed organic as it uses a network of smaller family owned and operated dairy farms (I believe no OV farm has more than 400 head of cattle whereas a typical Horizon farm has 4,000 head) in the midwest and new england areas.

    If your store is not carrying Organic Valley products ask the manager to start carrying them and also tell that person you will not be buying Horizon products any longer.

    I got lucky and found a local farmer that sells cow herd shares so all my milk is poasture raised and raw, they way it should be.

    Nothing like thick raw cream in my morning coffee

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