Food Journal Meal 2, Week 6 (Food, Ethics and Sustainability)

Convenience Food Compromise – Noodle Soup

I’d posted a bit about convenience food on our class discussion forum, and last night was a perfect example. 8pm and I’m not at home, but I need some dinner. I considered a few options of the restaurant type, but didn’t want to spend the money or eat anything heavy that late. I hit New Seasons with a basic idea that crystallized in the store. I’d purchased previously from Trader Joe’s a box of vegetarian soy-ginger broth, thinking it would be handy for a quick miso soup one day. At New Seasons, I found “fresh” noodles – organic kalkooksu wheat and tapioca Asian-style noodles. Made in California, the business originally a small noodle factory in Hawaii, it’s a family-owned operation. I purchased a small pork chop from the meat counter – New Seasons gets their pork from a collective that they’ve been instrumental in creating. All NorthWest farmers with sustainable values, vegetarian feed, family owned, and humanely raised – all this according to the New Season’s web site: I chose the boneless chop because it was a nice small lean piece of meat. I picked up a baby bok choy in the produce area, but forgot to check on where it was grown. It looked and tasted awfully fresh (compared to some I used to find in Nashville), so I’m thinking it was at least West Coast grown, if not Oregon. At home I had the rest of the ingredients: Oregon grown carrots, California grown cilantro and ginger, Farmer’s Market green garlic, and imported tamari. It made for a lovely dinner, felt very healthy, took about 30 minutes from start to finish, had a great spicy flavor, and other than high sodium content because of using boxed broth, was good for me. I have at least two servings left and probably spent $6 on the whole pot. Definitely a better choice than a drive-thru.


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