Take the Egg Survey! All the cool kids are doing it…

Hello all – I’m thigh deep in thesis research now, and could really use your help. It would be great if you and everyone you know would be willing to take a survey for me on consumer motivations for buying “sustainable” and “value-added” eggs. I’m mostly targeting folks who already purchase, at least some of the time, eggs that are cage-free, free-range, omega-3 enriched, local, or otherwise considered more expensive than your average cheap dozen (and I’m guessing that most of you do).

The survey only takes about 20 minutes, and the more folks that take it, the better the research will be. Please pass this along to anyone you know who might fit the consumer profile – I really appreciate it!!

You can find more details and the survey at http://www.eggsurvey.org

Big Thanks, 

Michele Knaus
Masters of Education candidate, Portland State University
Leadership for Ecology, Culture and Learning
“The Consumer and the Egg: Negotiating Eco-labels”



  1. […] Help Portland blogger Michele Knaus in her thesis smack-down by taking her egg survey. […]

  2. […] If you use as many eggs as I do (how could you not with all this cupcake madness?) I hope you think about where they come from. So help out the marketing peeps will ya?
    http://www.eggsurvey.org/ […]

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