Egg Survey .org – Thesis Research on Consumers’ Definition of “Cage-Free”

My thesis research survey was launched last week and the power of networking on the Internet has been fantastic. I plan to keep the survey open until March 1st, and the more folks that take the survey, the more powerful the research will be. If you haven’t yet taken the twenty minutes or so to fill it out, please do, and please pass it around as much as possible.

I’ll post results here later this Spring, as well as on, and I can tell by the answers that I have received up to this point that most folks are going to be surprised, especially by what the terms mean. One of the positive by-products of this research already has been the emails and comments I’ve received by people who have taken the survey and said that just thinking about how to answer the questions has got them wondering more about their eggs and where they come from. Yay!

Happy Chickens at Lovena Farm

Happy Chickens at Lovena Farm


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  1. I took the survey weeks ago, as you know. It made my head hurt and made me wonder about what I *thought* I knew, and increased my desire to have my own laying hens….

    I’m so curious to read / see what your research gathered via survey!


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