Meat CSA in Willamette Valley: Harmony JACK

Harmony JACK Farms Meat, Poultry and Eggs

Community Supported Agriculture 2009

Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

3 Month CSA

March/April/May 2009

Sign-up/Deposit Deadline February 18, 2009

Large Pack

Total Cost: $700 + $50 processing for beef

Estimated monthly contents:

~12 lbs ground beef

~5-8 lbs of steak

~5-8 lbs of roast or ribs

~2-3 lbs beef soup bones

4 dozen chicken eggs

3 whole chickens

Medium Pack

Total Cost: $475 + $50 processing for beef

Estimated monthly contents:

~8 lbs ground beef

~3-5 lbs of steak

~3-5 lbs of roast or ribs

~1-2 lbs beef soup bones

3 dozen chicken eggs

2 whole chickens

Small Pack

Total Cost: $295 + $50 processing for beef

Estimated monthly contents:

~4 lbs ground beef

~2-3 lbs of steak

~1-3 lbs of roast or ribs

~1-2 lbs beef soup bones

2 dozen chicken eggs

1 whole chicken

CSA Product Guarantees

Harmony JACK Farms guarantees our products are raised on certified organic pasture and are kept on pasture year round, to the extent that weather allows. Striving to raise the healthiest, happiest and most natural animals possible, we use techniques that minimize risk and maximize production with breed choice and grazing practices. Our beef is exclusively grass-fed/grass-finished. Our steaks and roast have 10-15% less fat than typical grocery store beef, resulting in more meat for your money. Our chickens receive whole grain and forage on pasture. We believe we offer the best quality, most nutritious, uniquely delicious meat around, and we are constantly seeking to improve our environment, pastures, and products.

Harmony JACK Farms products are based on seasonal availability and productivity. Our animals are not fed growth hormones or stimulants and are not finished on grain or in a feedlot environment, therefore exact weights and portions are subjected to nature and cannot be guaranteed. As a result, no guarantee can be offered on the exact amount or type of meat that you will receive. By participating in a CSA, you are supporting the local farmer and more equitable food distribution. Your food dollars help create a more environmentally sound and economically healthy community.

Farm Visits and Tours

We welcome customers and perspective customers to visit the farm, meet the animals, and enjoy the scenery. We can best accommodate your visits by scheduling your visit; please call to arrange a time. Please leave your pets at home or keep them in the car at all times, so as to not put any of the farm animals or property at risk.


Due to regulations that prohibit small farms from selling meat directly to the customer, Harmony JACK Farms meat CSA sells shares of a live certified organic steer to its customers. (This is not necessary with our chickens or eggs). The steer will be custom raised according to standards listed in an agreement. We will provide the service of arranging for processing. Each steer will be divided into shares among the CSA members, based on packages ordered. Customers can opt to receive information about their steer each month. Sometimes retail wrapped USDA meat may be included in a monthly pick-up, based on availability.

If a customer prefers USDA inspected meat, it is available for a higher price (due to higher processing costs), but not currently through the CSA. We have the necessary Oregon Department of Agriculture certification so that you may purchase Certified Organic USDA Harmony JACK Farms beef at the farm or have it shipped to you. It can be sold by the piece or as a package. Please contact us if you would like to make a purchase.


Bring your cooler to Harmony JACK Farms the first Tuesday of each month.

Pick-up runs from 4:30-7 pm. Any meat not picked up by 7 pm will be returned to freezer storage and will incur a $30 handling fee. Please make arrangements in advance if you cannot make it to the pick-up location.

Dates: Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday April 7, 2009

Tuesday May 5, 2009


Harmony JACK Farms currently accepts cash or check. Checks should be made payable to Harmony JACK Farms for CSA packages and C and C Meats for processing. In the event that your check does not clear the bank, you will be charged a $30 administrative processing fee. All future CSA payments will require cash. $100 deposit and $50 processing fee is due February 18, 2009. Full payment is due on Friday, February 27. Please call if you would like to break-up the payments.

CSA memberships maybe canceled, no questions asked, until February 18, 2009. A refund will be granted, minus a $10 administrative processing fee.

Harmony J.A.C.K. Farms

Andy and Jeannette Westlund

Brant and Emily Cothern

41142 Ridge Drive, Scio, 97374

Call 503.762.2174 for directions or more information.

Please call or email for an application or more information. Don’t delay, spots are filling fast (or. . .Stay tuned next week for a Meat CSA from HJF with three drops in Portland.)

Emily Cothern
Harmony JACK Farms
Scio, Oregon


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