Happy Birthday Cameron!

Dear Cameron – I can’t believe that it’s been 9 years already since you were born. Your parents were sooo happy that you OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwere coming, and so was I.  When you were born, your eyes were open and you were already looking around and checking out the world, and you  haven’t stopped yet.

I am so happy that I was one of the very first people to ever meet you.  I know you probably don’t remember that we spent a lot of time together before I moved to Portland, but I remember.  We had a lot of fun – especially that time your parents went to a wedding back in Boston and we spend the whole weekend together – what a party!!  Even as a little kid you had lots of attitude 🙂


You are turning out to be cool older kid, too, and I’m looking forward to knowing you your entire life.  Thanks especially to your parents for letting me hang out lots, and even go on special trips with you like to Australia!


Someday I’ll pick you up in a convertible from school again.

I loved it when you all came to visit in Portland, and I hope that is something we can do again.

Love you LOTS, and hope you have a GREAT 9th birthday!

Holdrens fabuloussss cameronsilouette


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