Cookbooks I actually use (and love)

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Cookbook – my friend Lauri turned me onto this cookbook from a New York landmark, and every recipe seems solid. These folks know about FLAVOR! I actually haven’t made any of the meat in this cookbook – I found myself turning to it over and over while cooking at my vegetarian cafe!!

When they say “the Best”, it’s true. They have turned recipe comparisons into a science. The same recipes you get in the beautiful Cook’s Illustrated magazines, but in a quick-to-find format.




I recommend this cookbook to anyone trying to figure out the WHY of cooking and baking. This info will make you a better chef or baker and allow you to feel more comfortable working outside the rigidity of an exact recipe. It also has some great recipes in it, like her biscuits.



  1. Anna said

    I just stumbled over your site, while looking for banana bread.
    I smiled at you, when I read your comments about “Cook’s illustrated”.

    Since my husband died, a little over a year ago, I am not cooking as much, as I did before… however, I still enjoy just reading the recipes, and like you, I am faszinated about their “research”.

    I also have and use the “Best Recipe”book . My other “cooking bible” is a 10- volume German cookbook, (Menue-Kochbuch) which I bought in 1970, and when I came here in 1981, this was one of the treasures, I brought with me
    …. I still use it. Most of my other cook books I gave away.

    cooking-friendly greetings
    from Nashville


  2. sheila joy said

    hi,’s good to know your still creating great food.i’m still stringing beads in nashville.roger says hi.

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